Silk and Foil Business Cards


Silk business cards are the most purchased cards in our shop and adding foil to these cards make them premium.  High end silk business cards foil colors come in Black, Red, Blue, Copper, Silver and Gold.  Make a statement with premium silk luxury cards.


Silk and Foil Business Cards

Sometimes a simple printed business card is not enough.  Adding a colored foil stamp to the card will dramatically change the look and feel your your premium silk foil business cards.  Often used by real estate agents and other professional services.

  • Printed in full vibrant color CMYK
  • Silk Lamination makes them water and weather resistant
  • 16pt Card Stock is heavy and rigid
  • Printing 1 or 2 Sides
  • 500 to 5000 Quantities
  • Optional Painted Edges
  • Turnaround Time – 5-8 Business Days


Additional information

Weight N/A

250, 500, 1000, 2500, 5000

Card Size

1.5×3.5 Skinny, 1.75×3.5 Slim, 2.125×3.375, 2.5×2.5 Square, 2×2 Mini Square, 2×3 Shorty, 2×3.5 Standard

How Many Sides Foil

1 Side Foil, 2 Sided Foil

Foil Color

Black, Blue, Copper, Gold, Red, Silver

Painted Edges

No Painted Edges, Army Green – C50 M40 Y85 K15, Black – C0 M0 Y0 K100, Blue – C95 M75 Y20 K5, Bright Blue – C100 M40 Y0 K0, Candy Pink – C1 M35 Y1 K0, Copper Metallic, Dark Green – C75 M45 Y65 K30, Dark Grey – C40 M25 Y35 K5, Dark Orange – C25 M95 Y100 K20, Dark Pink – C10 M90 Y35 K0, Dark Red – C30 M100 Y100 K25, Gold Metallic, Grape Purple – C60 M85 Y0 K0, Grass Green – C100 M0 Y100 K15, Green Apple – C30 M5 Y70 K0, Grey Blue – C60 M40 Y25 K1, Hunter Green – C85 M40 Y10 K40, Light Aqua – C30 M0 Y7 K0, Light Blue – C45 M15 Y0 K0, Light Green – C70 M25 Y80 K0, Light Grey – C0 M0 Y0 K25, Light Pink C0 M36 Y3 K0, Light Yellow – C2 M10 Y60 K0, Lilac – C40 M40 Y0 K0, Lime Green – C50 M0 Y100 K0, Moss Green – C50 M20 Y90 K0, Nickel Semi Metallic, Ocean Blue Green – C90 M40 Y35 K0, Old Copper Metallic, Orange – C0 M65 Y100 K0, Paprika – C25 M100 Y85 K20, Red – C15 M100 Y100 K5, Sage Green – C60 M30 Y65 K5, Sun Yellow – C3 M3 Y100 K0, Wild Blue – C75 M55 Y5 K0